Finkteam launches Borg loudspeaker at High End Show 2018

Finkteam's second speaker is a two-way floorstander, featuring a huge 26cm mid/bass unit and specially designed Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter.

The driver uses a light, stiff paper cone with a large 75mm voice coil to help power-handling. Engineers have worked hard to refine all aspects of the drive unit, from the surround design through to the motor system. It’s all built into a fully vented die-cast aluminium chassis with the aim of delivering dynamic, low colouration sound coupled with high volume capability.

The Borg's mid/bass features a 26-cm paper cone

The Borg's mid/bass features a 26-cm paper cone

The AMT tweeter is developed and manufactured by Mundorf, with input from Finkteam. The tweeter has a 25µm-thick Kapton diaphragm with 50µm aluminium strips. The aim is for the high frequency unit to have well-controlled resonances and low levels of distortion.

Despite being a larger AMT – in order to cope with the limited high frequency reach of such a big mid/bass unit – the tweeter still manages to reach up to 30kHz with low distortion. The crossover frequency is set at 1.6kHz, lower than the typical 2.5kHz or so seen in most two-ways.

The crossover is a fourth order acoustic Linkwitz-Riley design, designed to give the Borg an even response. The speakers are intended to be a relatively easy load for an amplifier and have a sensitivity of 87dB/W/m.

The Borg's rear panel controls and speaker terminals

The Borg's rear panel controls and speaker terminals

Finkteam has built a fair bit of adjustability into these speakers, with controls on the rear panel that allow plenty of fine-tuning options.

The cabinet uses a sandwich construction, combining multi-thickness layers of MDF and special damping that converts vibrational energy into heat. In-house analysis software was used to optimise cabinet behaviour.

The Borg is due to go on sale in July, priced at €24,000 (£21,000) per pair.


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