BRISTOL SHOW 2013: Spendor revamps the A6, unveils the D7

Spendor A6

Spendor upgraded its successful A6 floorstanding speaker with a new model, the £2495 A6R.

Calling the upgrade "a major revision", Spendor says the result is a big improvement in dynamics, resolution and bass extension.

Improvements include a new Spendor 18cm mid-bass driver with EP77 polymer cone; a new crossover design; the fourth-generation Spendor linear flow port; and a 29mm tweeter with bi-elliptical acoustic lens.

Available in cherry, light oak, dark walnut and black ash finishes, the Spendor A6R costs £2495 a pair.

Also new is the £3495-£3995 Spendor D7 floorstander. Described as "an elegant, modern, medium-sized 2.5-way floorstanding design", the D7 incorporates a Linear Pressure Zone (LPZ) tweeter.

This is built around a stainless steel front plate that forms a damped acoustic chamber directly in front of a lightweight woven polyamide diaphragm.

The mid-bass driver features an EP77 polymer cone, as used on the A6R, and the bass driver uses a two-part bonded Kevlar composite cone.

To further improve bass performance, Spendor has developed a fifth-generation version of its linear flow port for the D7.

Two premium finishes are available on the D7 for £3995 a pair: Spendor Dark, a diamond-polished gloss lacquer over a dark natural wood, or Spendor White, a pure white lacquer for a more modern look.

Go for a standard finish and the cost drops to £3495. The Spendor D7 Dark will be available from March 13th, other finishes from April 13th.

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