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Bayan Audio launches range of dual-dock iPod speakers

Bayan Audio Bayan 7

Bayan Audio has launched a new range of distinctively-styled iPod docks.

The range is headed by the Bayan 7, a £300 system with two docks, twin amplifiers and a five-way 2.1-speaker design.

Apple-certifed, the Bayan 7 will charge and play iPods/iPhones from two docks, and has a 3.5mm line input and USB connection for connecting other sources, such as an iPad.

Delivering 120-watts of power and sporting an 8in bass driver, the Bayan 7 is built with a 12mm thick solid wood casing.

A fully-functioning remote control is included, too, and the £300 Bayan 7 - due on sale later this week - is available in black or white.

It's accompanied by there other dock systems, from the smallest Bayan 1, to the Bayan 3 and Bayan 5.

The Bayan 5 retains dual docks, boast 60-watts of power and is again a 2.1 system. Out now it costs £180 in black or white.

The Bayan 3 at £100, and Bayan 1 at £80, are more compact, with 5 and 4in bass drivers respectively, alongside a 2in tweeter.

Both are 'made for iPod/iPhone' and retain the USB input and 3.5mm connection for connecting an iPad or other audio device, with the Bayan 3 offering a little more power.

We've had a preview of the docks this morning and will look to bring you a review very soon.

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