The AH-C160Ws are Denon's sporty new wireless earphones

Denon has just launched the AH-C160W, a pair of wireless sport headphones. They're available in black, blue, and white - priced at £150.

So what's on the inside? Well, playing your music are a couple of 12mm drivers, and there's Bluetooth for connecting to your phone or music player.

The AH-C160Ws will also give you voice prompts to let you know when you're running out of battery.

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You should be able to take these headphones out in all weather too. The electronics are treated with Nanofics protection, so they'll resist moisture up to the IPX5/7 standard.

They've also got the usual playback controls - which are raised slightly so you can feel for them when you're exercising - and a button to pick-up phone calls.

Denon also says that its "Clear Voice Capture noise reduction for phone calls" means that your voice will be better received, even in a noisy environment.

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