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Headphone dilema. dt880 pro & k702's. build quality & long term reliability.

over the last couple of weeks i have been auditioning headphones to use for high detail, flat response studio monitoring & quality playback as my trusty old hd600's are now beyond repair.  the 3 models i shortlisted were: 1: akg k702. 2: beyerdynamic dt880pro. 3: sennheiser hd650.  out of the 3 the beyerdynamic & akg's were the best for translating the late night headphone mix's  back to my near/main pmc/atc monitors the next morning.

 my main problem is the build quality issues i encountered with the beyerdynamic & akg phones. with regards to the beyerdynamic dt880pro, the earpads were so flimsy & poorly made that whoever packed them at the factory had placed the coiled cable between the compressed pads that it damaged them to the point the pad wouldn't reform to it's proper shape.  obviously they were returned with a full refund given.  anyone else found these earpads to be a problem or is this an isolated incident? as i did like them.   

next up were the akg k702.  loved the sound quality but the build quality seems a bit flimsy & i was worried about their long term durability.  they also didn't feel as stable on the head as the dt880pro or senn hd 600/650's, a couple of times when i bent down to adjust my guitar amp or change a stomp box setting they slip forward on the head.  my main concern was the durability of the headband adjustment mechanism.  anyone have any long term problems with the elastic tensioners snapping or the plastic adjusters wearing loose over time? 

sennheiser hd650 seem the same build quality as my hd600's so no worries there. 

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Re: Headphone dilema. dt880 pro & k702's. build quality &amp

I can only speak with experience of the AKGs. I have 6 in my collection, the oldest being early 1980s. All bar the K44s which do not have them, show signs of the threads that allow the headband to self adjust stretching. They can be repaired ( I cut and then knotted mine, reducing the length ) or replaced if you can find small enough bobbles that the ladies use to tie back their hair. Apart from that they are all in very good condition and it would be hard to tell how old each one is.


K702, K340 (which I repaired the threads) , K44, K280 and K140 (the oldest). I also have the K271 Mk II.

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Re: Headphone dilema. dt880 pro & k702's. build quality &amp

thank you for replying, that is most helpful. 

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