Best stereo amplifier deals


A stereo amplifier is your hi-fi system's beating heart. Shop wisely and it's possible to turn a very good contender into an outright winner - you just need to know where to look.

So we've taken the hard work out of your research and picked a range of fantastic amps to suit every need. Whether you're starting out on your hi-fi journey with a strict budget, or fancy an upgrade to take your system to the next level, there's an amplifier here to fit the bill.

Here are the results of our investigations.

The best amplifier deals

Arcam A29

A bit of a push at £995, but worthy of very serious consideration at this sort of money.

Marantz PM6006

Yet another fine budget amp from Marantz, and with room for further digital upgrades.

Audiolab M-ONE

An entertaining and well-equipped amplifier for the money, just not quite a class leader.

Pioneer A-50DA

This Pioneer may not have beaten the competition at its original price, but its design and ease of use won many over.

Onkyo A-9010

If you're looking to build your first hi-fi system, this budget Onkyo is a great starting point. Now available with a small discount.