The best hi-fi and audio deals

The best hi-fi and audio deals

Christmas may be over, but that doesn't mean you can't still gift yourself a hi-fi-related present. Whether you've been saving your pennies for a brand new system or a much-needed upgrade, there are plenty of great hi-fi deals around all year long.

Whether you want an all-in-one music system, an upgrade for your amplifier or CD player, a new DAC or radio, we've picked out the very best prices on some of our favourite products to ensure you bag a bargain.

Music system deals

Denon DM41 micro system for £279 £199 at Superfi

This darling of the micro system world continues to impress us with its detailed, musical and rhythmic prowess, and the addition of Bluetooth along with its CD player and radio will appeal to many. You can add your own speaker pair, but it works beautifully with Denon's own speakers.View Deal

Yamaha CRX-N470D system for £299 £229 at Richer Sounds

This mini hi-fi system is a nice mix of traditional and newer methods of playback. You can play your CDs and tune into the radio, and also stream songs over Bluetooth, AirPlay, wi-fi and other Yamaha multi-room products. With the right pair of stereo speakers, it’s a tidy little performer with ample detail and good timing.View Deal

Marantz MCR611 Melody Maker for £349 £299 at Richer Sounds

A tidy little system that does it all: you can spin your CDs, tune into DAB/FM radio, and stream songs via AirPlay, Bluetooth and DLNA. It even supports hi-res files up to 24-bit/192kHz. Sound-wise, it's clean, big-scaled, smooth and refined – plenty to enjoy. We gave it four stars in 2015, but that features list is appealing at this price.View Deal

Revo SuperSystem wireless system for £549 £489 at Richer Sounds

This talented all-in-one system sports a fetching retro vibe, but is packed to the brim with modern conveniences: FM/DAB radio, RCA and optical inputs, aptX Bluetooth, wi-fi and Spotify streaming, and a USB input. Its large-scaled, full-bodied presentation and clear detail make the Revo a joy to listen to, too.View Deal

Revel Concert2 M16 speakers, Arcam SA10 amplifier and Arcam CDS50 SACD player/streamer for £2397 £1999 at Richer Sounds

Also available at any Arcam/Revel dealer, you can save £400 on this neat hi-fi bundle. Award-winning Revel M16 speakers (enthusiastic, dynamic, authoritative) combined with Arcam's first amp with digital inputs (also has MM phono, we gave it four stars) and an SACD player that doubles up as a hi-res music streamer.View Deal

Stereo amplifier deals

Onkyo A-9010 stereo amplifier for £199 £179 at Richer Sounds

Save £20 on one of the best budget stereo amps to have recently crossed the What Hi-Fi? test rooms. Articulate and energetic, excellent rhythmic drive, musically captivating and just plain fun – this Onkyo amp is hugely talented in a way that belies its budget price tag. Highly recommended.View Deal

Marantz PM6006 UK Edition stereo amp for £469 £299 at Superfi

Big savings on this recently-crowned Award-winner. It has Marantz's characteristic full-bodied, focused and detail presentation - even more of it than the standard edition - with subtlety and musicality high on the agenda. Plenty of connections, too.View Deal

NAD D 3020 V2 stereo amp for £399 £349 at Sevenoaks

Save £50 off this five-star stereo amp from NAD. The D 3020 V2 keeps its eclectic upright design, has a good mix of analogue and digital connections - even aptX Bluetooth. We love its full-bodied performance filled with fine timing and exciting dynamics - it's a great buy for a compact but talented system.View Deal

NAD C 338 amplifier £600 £479 at Sevenoaks

The C 338 is not only NAD’s "most versatile amplifier ever" but among the best-equipped and most flexible we’ve come across from any brand at this price. We weren't completely sold on the performance but for this saving, it's worth a look.View Deal

Portable music player deals

Cowon Plenue D £199 £189 at Richer Sounds

A low-cost, high-quality portable player that easily surpasses your smartphone's sound - and now you can make a small saving on the already small price.View Deal

Astell & Kern AK Jr for £399 £249.90 at Amazon

This Award-winning portable hi-res player cuts a sleek figure. The edges are as a crisp as its sound, it has ample bass weight, strong dynamics and excellent detail. Sporting DSD and 24-bit/192kHz file support and expandable storage, this is a stylish saving.View Deal

Questyle QP2R hi-res player and Focal Utopia headphones bundle for £4698 £3899

Yes, this is ridiculously extravagant - in looks and price - but you do save £700 if you buy this blingy bundle than if you bought them separately. The five-star open-back Focal headphones are impressive, and the QP2R portable player is available in gold only.View Deal

CD player deals

Marantz CD6006 UK Edition for £449 £285 at Superfi

This 2018 Award-winning CD player has a crisp, exciting, insightful sound that's more informative than the standard version. Add in a solid build, smart finish and extensive connections, and this is a quality, well-featured player on a great deal.View Deal

DAC deals

Arcam irDAC II for £499 £299 at Richer Sounds

Save a whopping £200 on this talented and capable DAC. Featuring RCA analogue, optical and coaxial inputs, and 24bit/384kHz hi-res and DSD128 files through USB, it's a great little addition to your hi-fi system. Sound-wise, it has a spacious, smooth and even-toned performance with bags of detail.View Deal

Audiolab M-DAC for £599 £499 at Superfi

Effortlessly talented and enjoyable, this DAC and headphone amp has got it all: punchy timing, seamless dynamics and plenty of space in a well-constructed stereo soundfield. It's well equipped with digital and analogue connections (including XLR and USB sockets) and 6.3mm headphone jack. 

View Deal

Radio deals

Pure Evoke F3 Bluetooth radio for £150 £129 at Amazon

With Internet, DAB/DAB+ and FM radio as well as Spotify Connect and Bluetooth, this mini unit is one of the best-connected bedside radios you could ask for. Our four-star review praised its smooth and full-bodied sound. View Deal