Best DAC deals


Digital-to-analogue conversion is arguably the most critical process your system undertakes - all those ones and zeros are beautifully convenient to package, but they don't mean anything sensible to your ears until they've been turned into analogue information.

Which is where a DAC (digital-to-analogue converter) comes in.

But it doesn't follow you have to break the bank to do your d-to-a converting in style. Here we've rounded up the best DAC deals around.

Best DAC deals

Cyrus soundKey

The soundKey can turn your mobile (and home) listening into an authentically high-fidelity experience. And you can now save a tenner on our tested at price.

Meridian Explorer 2

An appealing budget DAC, especially for those with access to 192kHz and MQA tracks, and one that now boasts a decent saving.

Audiolab M-DAC Mini

For those seeking a finely balanced and spacious sound with plenty of detail, the M-DAC Mini is worth a flutter and you can now save up to £70 on this feature-packed DAC.

Audiolab M-DAC

Best DAC £500-£700, Awards 2014. Effortlessly talented and enjoyable, the M-DAC is still among the best products of its kind.

Chord 2Qute

Chord’s standalone DAC is better than the product it replaced – quite an achievement.

Pioneer U-05

Come for the cool retro design, stay for the clear, agile sound and hefty discount.

Arcam irDAC II

A well equipped and solid performer, up against some tough competition at its original price - but not so much at this money.

Chord Hugo 2

There wasn't much wrong with the Award-winning Hugo, but Chord doesn't rest on its laurels and this new version is even better.