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Save 10% on five-star Ruark radios for Black Friday 2018

If there's a free rectangular-shaped space on your bedside table where a radio could be, you may well be interested to know that Sevenoaks has slashed 10% off a handful of Ruark Audio radios and wireless speakers. 

What might further your interest is the fact these Ruark deals include the current Award-winning Ruark MR1 Mk2 desktop speakers, as well as the five-star Ruark R1 Mk3 portable radio and R2 MK3 all-in-one system.

The biggest Black Friday Ruark discount offers a generous £70 saving, and all can be viewed below. The deals are valid until the 26th November.

Ruark Audio R1 MK3 £217 £197 (opens in new tab) Small but powerful, the portable R1 Mk3 radio balances performance, features and functionality in a compact, stylish package. It sounds great and it's neat RotoDial system and OLED display make it a joy to use - which is why it fully deserves its five-star rating. Offer ends 26th November.

Ruark Audio MR1 MK2 £329 £296 (opens in new tab) Ruark's desktop wireless speakers have just picked up another What Hi-Fi? Award for their gorgeous design and stunning musicality. Needless to say a 10% discount dropping them under £300 is most welcome. Offer ends 26th November.

Ruark Audio R2 MK3 £419 £377 (opens in new tab) If you're after speakers and DLNA network and streaming app features (including Spotify Connect) all wrapped up in one neat design, you may prefer an all-in-one system. And this Ruark is one of the best we've seen. Offer ends 26th November.

Ruark Audio MRx £359 £399 (opens in new tab) We decided that to get our five-star approval this wireless speaker system needed more warmth and body to its sound, but that doesn't mean this four-star effort isn't worth a buy. It's a well-designed speaker with much the same feature set of the system above, and has a transparent sound that's rare at this price. Offer ends 26th November.

Ruark Audio R4 MK3 £699 £629 (opens in new tab) There is much to like about the Ruark R4 Mk3. It’s a good looking and talented device, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. In our four-star review, our only reservation was the price - but now that has been cut a little. If you have the budget, this ought to be high on your list. Offer ends 26th November.


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