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German designer brand Loewe announces new Bild i series of TVs for Australia

TV: Loewe Bild I series
(Image credit: Loewe)

With Loewe ‘getting the band together’ under new ownership, we’ve been waiting to see what the first new TV releases will be. Now, following the Bild s and Bild v OLED ranges, the new Bild i range has been announced for an October launch in Australia. 

Again they use 4K OLED panels, here in 48-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch sizes, presented in a softer aesthetic with rounder styling and a rear panel covered with fabric, much like the top-of-the-line Loewe Bild s.77 model. 

The Bild i can come either with invisible sound from concealed speakers, or as the 'is' option of higher-quality sound from an eight-driver Klang soundbar below the screen. This can also be combined with the new Loewe Klang Sub5 modular subwoofer, and/or extended to a complete all-in-one home cinema system. 

The TVs support both Dolby Vision HDR and passthrough of Dolby Atmos sound thanks to their four 4K-compatible HDMI inputs including eARC, HFR and ALLM, and as is often the case with Loewe, ongoing enhancements via firmware update.

TV: Loewe Bild I series

(Image credit: Loewe)

Key differentiating factors compared with competitors are the standard inclusion of a 1TB hard drive for recording broadcast TV, and the nice choice of ways for the screen to integrate into the home.

They are wall-mountable, along with choices of the included high-quality swivelling table base in basalt grey, or the optional floorstand (pictured above) which allows the TV to rotate in a freestanding position. 

You may encounter images of this TV on Loewe’s new floor2ceiling pole stand, but the Australian distributor (Indi Imports) has decided not to bring this option into the country.

Prices are:
- AU$3999 for the 48-inch Bild i (AU$4699 for the Bild is option with Klang soundbar),
- AU$4999 for the 55-inch Bild i (AU$5799 for the Bild is) and
- AU$6499 for the 65-inch Bild i (AU$7399 for the Bild is).