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One For All Zapper review

Simplicity itself, all the basic TV controls in one neat little unit and all for a tenner, marvellous. Tested at £10.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

Offers all the key TV controls in one tiny unit. Simple genius.


  • Simple and effective, cheap


  • You must be joking.

That huge remote control your TV came with - you know, the one with dozens of buttons on it.

Now that you've set your telly up the way you like it, how many of those remote commands do you use? Personally, we rarely go beyond fiddling with the volume and changing channel.

The Zapper is a palm-sized learning remote with just the bare minimum of functions: volume up/down, channel up/down, power on/off and volume mute.

All you need, in other words. There's a button marked 'magic', which sounds exciting until you realise it just readies the Zapper for learning.

It's easy to programme, and controls a huge number of TVs. A £10 slice of genius.