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Best 65-inch TVs 2020: the best big-screen 4K TVs you can buy

Best 65-inch TV Buying Guide: Welcome to What Hi-Fi?'s round-up of the best 65-inch TVs you can buy in 2020.

While it's certainly not always the case, with TVs the old adage holds true: bigger generally is better. As the quality of content at our disposal improves, with more pixels being pushed out by TV broadcasters, streaming services and Blu-ray discs, it's worth getting a bigger screen to make the most of it.

HD and now 4K video means you can sit closer to your TV, while smaller bezels make modern 65-inch TVs significantly less massive than those that have gone before. They're getting ever thinner, lighter and easier to wall-mount, too. No wonder 65-inch TVs have risen so much in popularity.

Below you'll find our pick of the best 65-inch TVs you can buy, including LCD, OLED and QLED models from the likes of LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips and Panasonic, and offering support for HDR video in various forms, as well as streaming from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Apple TV, Disney+, BBC iPlayer and loads more besides.

What about Black Friday?
Black Friday is a great time to buy a new TV. Manufacturers steadily reduce the prices of even their best models over the course of a year, but during Black Friday you often get big, temporary drops that are well worth pouncing on. Afraid of missing out? Bookmark our TV deals page and we'll keep an eye on prices for you.

Best 65-inch TVs 2020: the best big-screen 4K TVs you can buy

(Image credit: Philips / Bombshell, Amazon Prime)

1. Philips 65OLED805

Philips strikes gold with this talented 4K TV.


Screen size: 65in (also available in 55in) | Type: OLED | Backlight: not applicable | Resolution: 4K | HDR formats supported: HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, HDR10+ | Operating system: Android TV 9 | HDMI inputs: 4 | ARC/eARC: ARC | Optical output: Yes | Dimensions (hwd, without stand): 88 x 145 x 5.8cm

Reasons to Buy

Crisp and detailed picture
Strong sound

Reasons to Avoid

Highlights could be brighter
Not the best choice for gamers

The 65OLED805 is a Philips OLED as it should be; genuinely excellent. If you’re prepared to forego the odd next-gen feature, it's the best performance-per-pound OLED you can currently buy.

It produces stunningly crisp and detailed pictures from all sources, delivers far more accomplished audio than most rivals, adds awesome Ambilight (which extends the onscreen action onto the wall around the TV in the form of coloured light) to the mix, and has a lower price tag than its LG, Sony, Panasonic and Samsung equivalents.

Gamers may be put off by the lack of next-gen HDMI features such as VRR (HDMI eARC is missing too), but for everyone else, the 65OLED805 represents an excellent purchase.

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Best 65-inch TVs 2020: the best big-screen 4K TVs you can buy

(Image credit: Sony / Hunters, Amazon Prime)

2. Sony KD-65XH9005

One of the best performance-per-pound TVs you can buy.


Screen size: 65in | Type: LCD | Backlight: Full array | Resolution: 4K | HDR formats supported: HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision | Operating system: Android TV 9 | HDMI inputs: 4 | ARC/eARC: eARC | Optical output: Yes | Dimensions (hwd, without stand): 83.3 x 145 x 7cm

Reasons to Buy

Superb HDR
Colours pop
Excellent motion processing

Reasons to Avoid

Lightweight sound
Could be more PS5-ready

The 65XH9005 is one of the TVs that Sony is selling as "ready for PS5". That means it'll have 4K@120Hz (often referred to as HFR), VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode). We say "will" because the set requires a firmware update, but Sony assures that'll land in time for the PS5's launch.

With or without these console gaming features, this is an awesome TV. There are plenty of connections for hooking up partner kit, and you won't be wanting for onboard tech: this is a full-array LED-backlit TV with local dimming, and supports the HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision HDR standards, and Dolby Atmos for sound. It’s also Netflix Calibrated and IMAX Enhanced.

And the picture quality? Excellent. Sony’s X-Motion Clarity motion processing technology is reliably superb, making fast-moving pictures like games, sports and action films as smooth as butter. There are plenty of options to fiddle with, but just leave it on auto and you'll still be treated to a great experience visually. It's got good sound, too. A little lightweight compared to some, but it's clear, precise and well projected. An ideal option for both gamers and non-gamers alike.

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Best 65-inch TVs 2020: the best big-screen 4K TVs

(Image credit: LG / Bosch, Amazon Prime)


LG’s 2020 OLED TV range gets off to a superb start with this beautifully designed ‘Gallery’ model


Screen size: 65in (also available in 55in, 75in) | Type: OLED | Backlight: Not applicable | Resolution: 4K | Operating system: webOS | HDR support: HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision | HDMI inputs: 4 | USBs: 3 | Optical output: Yes | Dimensions (hwd, without stand): 83 x 145 x 2cm

Reasons to Buy

Consistent, natural performance
Improved motion and dark detail
Lovely design

Reasons to Avoid

Currently lacks UK catch-up apps
No feet or pedestal in the box

While most people will opt for LG's C-class OLED, which is the most affordable set with all of the best picture processing, this GX takes that same picture and adds more powerful sound and a beautiful design.

This is LG's 'Gallery' model, and as such is entirely intended for wall-mounting. You don't even get a stand in the box (although feet can be bought separately), with a low-profile mount provided instead. The set is a uniform 2cm deep, which is exceptionally slim. The CX, by comparison, is 4.7cm deep at its thickest point.

Picture-wise, LG has taken the exemplary performance of its 2019 OLEDs and improved it in a few key areas, with dark detail, colour richness and motion handling all getting a worthwhile boost. The set sounds decent, too, particularly for one with essentially invisible speakers.

The only issue for UK buyers is the current lack of catch-up apps such as BBC iPlayer, but LG assures us it's working on this. Either way, this is a stunning TV and currently the best 65-inch TV you can buy.

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Best 65in TVs 2019

4. Sony KD-65XG9505

A great value 4K LCD


Type: LCD | Resolution: 4K | HDR support: HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG | HDMI inputs: 4 | Dimensions (hwd, with stand): 90 x 145 x 33cm

Reasons to Buy

Detailed, nuanced images
Bright, vibrant and natural
Excellent motion

Reasons to Avoid

Blacks could be deeper
Some backlight blooming
Poor viewing angles

Just below Sony's 2019 Master Series is this 2019 65-inch LCD cracker, known as the KD-65XG9505 in the UK and XBR-65X950G in the US. It may be an older model now, but it's still available and has had some tasty discounts. What this TV offers is a very watchable and forgiving picture with wonderfully balanced colours, superb detail and simply the best motion processing tech around at the moment. It's smooth and sharp and without either flicker or any of the ‘soap opera effect’. 

It's exceptionally bright and vibrant for the price. It may not have the black levels, viewing angles or extreme contrast abilities of the far more expensive Samsung QLEDs and LGs OLEDs but you simply will not find such a beautifully performing TV without paying much, much more. Full marks.

Just remember that as this is a 2019 model (it's been replaced by the KD-65XH9505 / XBR-65X950H) so won't be available for much longer.

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Best 65-inch TVs 2020: the best big-screen 4K TVs

(Image credit: Future / El Corazón de Sergio Ramos, Amazon Prime )

5. Samsung QE65Q95T

It's perhaps not the flagship TV we were expecting, but the Q95T is still a cracking set


Type: QLED | Backlight: Direct LED | Resolution: 4K | Operating system: Tizen | HDR support: HDR10, HDR10+, HLG | HDMI inputs: 4 | USBs: 2 | Optical output: Yes | Dimensions (hwd, without stand): 83 x 145 x 3.5cm

Reasons to Buy

Rich, solid, natural picture
Very good motion
Improved sound

Reasons to Avoid

‘Predecessor’ was punchier

Brand new for 2020, the Q95T isn't the successor to the Q90R that we were expecting it to be, but it is a brilliant TV in its own right and has launched at a lower price than did its 'predecessor'.

It has fewer dimming zones and goes less bright in real terms than the Q90R, but the Q95T is otherwise better in every meaningful way. It delivers a richer, more solid and more natural picture, much improved motion processing, and better sound.

The Tizen operating system is largely unchanged, and that's no bad thing. No other operating system has as much content or more quickly gets you to what you want to watch. All in all, definitely one of the best 65-inch TVs you can buy.

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Best 65-inch TVs 2020: the best big-screen 4K TVs

(Image credit: Future / Jack Ryan, Amazon Prime)


LG’s affordable B9 OLED features 2018's tech in a 2019 panel.


Type: OLED | Resolution: 4K | HDR support: HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG | HDMI inputs: 4 | Dimensions (hwd, with stand): 87 x 145 x 25cm

Reasons to Buy

Brilliant colour
Good detail
Great price

Reasons to Avoid

Average dark/light production
Audio a touch muffled

The LG B9 is a mixture of the old and the new – it combines the company's 2018 processor with its 2019 OLED panel. This makes it the most affordable LG OLED you can currently buy and a tempting proposition indeed.

The picture is natural, colourful and well-measured for contrast whether you’re watching in 4K or upscaling from HD, and whatever processor power is missing certainly won't ruin your TV experience.

There are small discrepancies in light and dark detail that the top LG processor offers and it’s worth paying the extra for them if you can. As far as this price proposition goes, though, the LG OLED65B9PLA gets our full vote of confidence.

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Best 65-inch TVs 2020: the best big-screen 4K TVs

(Image credit: Sony)

7. Sony KD-65AG9

A stunning OLED television and one of the best-sounding TVs we've tested.


Type: OLED | Resolution: 4K | HDR support: HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision | HDMI inputs: 4 | Dimensions (hwd, with stand): 84 x 145 x 25.5cm

Reasons to Buy

Solid, detailed, natural pictures
Great sound
Lovely styling

Reasons to Avoid

HDR lacks a little sparkle
Tricky to tweak
Visible processing

Sony's flagship Master Series OLED TV aims to get closer to the content creator's intention than ever before. And it does a mighty fine job of doing so. If the combination of brilliant motion processing, excellent detail levels and impressive upscaling isn't enough to convince you to give this TV an audition, the Sony KD-65AG9 (known as the XBR-65A9G in the US) has an extra trick up its sleeve.

Its next-gen acoustic surface tech delivers some of the most impressive sounds we've ever heard from a flatscreen TV. You can even use the TV as the centre speaker in a surround sound system thanks to the standard speaker terminals on its rear.

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