Best 48, 49 and 50-inch TVs


48, 49 and 50in TVs aren't as big as they used to be, and you don't have to spend a fortune to find a picture you can be proud of. We've rounded up a selection of our favourite models.



Best 4K TVs

Under £500

Philips 50PUS6272

Way, way more impressive and capable than the price suggests.


4K | HDR10, HLG | Ambilight

Reasons to Buy
Impressively punchy and dynamic picture quality for the price
Strong detail and definition
Good selection of apps
Reasons to Avoid
Looks dreadful out of the box and is a pain to calibrate
Fairly poor viewing angles
OS is a faff to use

Under £1000

Samsung QE49Q7F

4K, HDR and Samsung's QLED technology combine to produce one of the best TVs of its size and price you can buy.


4K | HDR10, HDR10+, HLG | QLED

Reasons to Buy
Punchy, bright and vibrant pictures - particularly in HDR
Fabulous detail and definition
Great operating system
Excellent for gaming
Broad selection of apps
Reasons to Avoid
Iffy viewing angles
Can be beaten for motion
Sony rival is cheaper and more subtle

Under £1500

Sony KD-49XF9005

Gradual across-the-board improvements add up to a cracking TV.


4K HDR | Android TV | Four HDMI inputs

Reasons to Buy
Good handling of detail
Nuanced yet punchy colours
Impressive contrast
Full range of apps
Reasons to Avoid
Android TV is a bit clunky