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One For All 2-in-1 review

The One For All 2-in-1 will operate your TV and your set-top box and it works well Tested at £15.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

It’s not exciting, but it looks like a grown-up remote and, best of all, it actually works


  • Looks good
  • works well


  • Nothing

Digital TV's great, but thanks to the ubiquity of the set-top box and the increasing importance of the hard-disk PVR, many of us now have to put up with the complexity and fuss of two remote controls squabbling for space on the coffee table.

OK, so we'll admit, it's never particularly bothered us, but tidy readers might feel differently: hence the One For All 2-in-1 remote.

Able to operate your TV and your set-top box, it's simple to set up, using the standard code-based system found on most similar devices, and it works.

That will be enough to give it a certain appeal for some. Particularly those of you with very tidy homes…

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