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NEWS: Wireless Sharp TV hits Japan; US to follow...

Sharp has teamed-up with wireless technology company AMIMON to launch a slimline LCD TV complete with wireless HD TV capability.

Sharp's X-series models will feature a separate tuner box capable of delivering uncompressed HD video streams via a wired or wireless connection. Out in Japan already, they're set to hit the US soon... and then the UK?

The 37, 42 and 46in screens are just 3.4 cm thick – though Sharp adds a cheek 'at their thinnest part' clarification – and are in essence a display, with the tuner box separate.

AMIMON's WHDI technology claims to be able to deliver HD wirelessly over a distance of up to 30 metres, through walls and with no discernable lag. It also claims, perhaps in a rather throw-away manner that it can match the quality of a wired HDMI connection. We shall see...

For more information on what AMIMON is doing, check out the spec sheets on the company's website here. So while Japan has them now, and the US will do... how long will we have to wait? We'll let you know if we get an answer.

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