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NEWS: Denon gears up for launch of 2008 UK home cinema range

It looks like our American cousins have already been given details of Denon's new product line-up for 2008, with a whole range of new multichannel receivers on the way, ranging from $300 to $1200.

We're meeting up with Denon next week to get the lowdown on its UK-specific models, and the rumour is that the company's UK staff have been involved in the sound tuning process with the AV and hi-fi engineers in Japan.

Our man at Denon UK tells us some of the new models coming to these shores will be have slightly different specs to the American models, and that some of the entry-level models are exclusive to the US.

"Although the UK line-up will be different, we can expect to see European versions of the AVR-2809CI (above), AVR-2309CI – albeit without the CI suffix – and the AVR-1909," says Roger Batchelor, product marketing manager, Denon UK.

In the states, the AVR-2809CI will sell for $1200, the AVR-2309CI for $850 and the AVR-1909 for $650. UK prices have still to be confirmed.

All the American models will feature Audyssey Dynamic Volume, designed to keep volume levels stable whatever you're watching, and Audyssey Dynamic EQ, intended to make softer passages sound richer.

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