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Midland Subzero double as headphones and ear warmers

Midland Subzero

If you've been thinking a nice pair of over-ear headphones could perform the twin roles of keeping your ears warm as well as playing your tunes, then how about going the whole hog with a pair of Midland Subzero cans?

Designed to "beat the Arctic conditions", the Midland Subzero headphones are integrated in to a pair of fur-lined ear warmers for ultimate comfort and warmth.

They promise noise isolation and an adjustable neckband, they come complete with an in-line mic and remote for taking calls on your iPhone and controlling your tunes.

You can also connect a separate cable for connecting to a compatible radio transceiver with a 2-pin plug.

Available in a choice of white, pink, yellow, black, red and camouflage finishes, the Midland Subzero headphones are on sale for £35.

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