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HOT DEAL: Pioneer Kuro KRL-32V now available for half price

Pioneer Kuro KRL-32V

We've spotted the KRL-32V online for half price. When it was launched last September, the expected retail price was £1300.

Now it's available for nearer the £700 mark. John Lewis (opens in new tab) will sell you one for £749 with a five-year guarantee and free delivery.

Alternatively you can get one for £669 from, £665 from Sight and Sound, £660 from or £699 from Richer Sounds (opens in new tab) and Sevenoaks Sound and Vision.

We haven't tested the KRL-32V yet, but we have reviewed the larger KRL-37V model as you can read here.

We tested the '37V at at £1500, but it's now available for £949 at John Lewis, (opens in new tab) £899 at Sevenoaks Sound and Vision and Richer Sounds (opens in new tab) and £865 at Sight and Sound.