24th February 2016
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Fancy an exclusive demo of Onkyo’s hi-res-ready headphones and speakers at the Bristol Sound and Vision Show? Read on

Remember the first time you saw a high-definition television? Picture that moment – the instant you were stopped in your tracks by the pin-sharp picture, your jaw dropped and you instantly knew you needed an HD TV in your life?

Hi-Res Audio is aiming to do the same thing for digital music, and there’s a host of hardware that promises to make the most of the additional information stored in those tracks. You’ve probably read about it (and, if not, you can do so here), perhaps even experienced it, but now Onkyo is offering you the chance to hear it on its forthcoming Hi-Res Audio-accredited products at the Bristol Sound and Vision Show.

In association with Onkyo, we’re running a series of free, exclusive product demos on Friday 26 February, the opening day of the show. You can stick a pair of Onkyo’s high-res headphones on, try out its X9 wireless speaker and find out about its True Wireless earbuds - headphones with no cables at all. Following all that you can grill the firm’s audio experts on the tech and the range.

Sound good? Of course it does. Spaces are limited, so you’ll want to sign up here quickly to avoid disappointment. See you in Bristol.