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Yes, this popular Prime Day iPad deal is worth it

Apple iPad 9 (2021)
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While most of the Prime Day tablet deals spotlight has been on Amazon's own dirt-cheap tablets, there are savings to be had on iPads for those looking for a more premium handheld device.

Apple's current (9th Gen) iPad is 10% off on Amazon (opens in new tab) right now. The 64GB model is $299 (opens in new tab), while the 256GB version is $429 (opens in new tab) (the cheapest it's ever been). These Prime Day prices undercut those at Apple, Best Buy and Walmart.

It won't be the biggest discount you've seen this Prime Day, nor will it likely be the cheapest tablet you've seen. And yet this is as good a time as any to invest in the standard iPad if you want one, because a) they're very rarely discounted by more, and b) if you've decided an iPad is for you, there isn't a better alternative at its level. After all, saving $30 or $50 depending on the storage option you go for is a lot better than not saving it at all in a few weeks' time.

Is the 2021 iPad worth it at $299 or $429? You bet it is. That's why this iPad is one of the best-selling electronic products of Prime Day 2022 so far, so we'd advise getting in there quickly if your sights are set before price or stock status changes.

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Apple iPad (2021) 256GB: $480 $430 at Amazon (save $50) (opens in new tab)
The 2021 iPad comes packed with a great screen, excellent sound quality, and an impressive front camera. If you need a tablet for browsing the internet, playing occasional games, and watching content, this is an awesome choice.
See the $299 64GB model. (opens in new tab)

We at What Hi-Fi? love this iPad for its benchmark combination of superb picture quality, great audio, excellent front camera and seamless usability.

iPads are known for their sleek, elegant design and excellent build quality too of course, and the iPad (2021) does not disappoint in this regard. It's a beautiful, well-built device that feels premium even without breaking the bank.

The iPad (2021) has a 10.2-inch display, a 2160 x 1620 resolution, and True Tone support which work together to offer up a fantastic image, though this lower-cost tablet does lack some of the more fancy visual tech more expensive iPads have.

When paired with headphones, the ninth-gen iPad sounds great, too, a clear improvement over its predecessor thanks to Apple's trademark audio clarity. The speakers on the iPad (2021) don't have much stereo separation, but even during busy scenes in movies, dialogue comes through and sounds consistent.

Newer, more premium iPads might have beefy internals and more expensive displays, but most people won't need best-in-class hardware. With a beautiful screen, smooth UX, and good sound quality alongside solid cameras and enough power to run any app you download, the iPad (2021) is a great deal from $299.

We gave the iPad (2021) five stars in our What Hi-Fi? review, so if you're in the market for a standard iPad model, consider saving $30 or $50 on this one before you no longer can't.


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