Ultra HD 4K TVs use up to a third more energy than high-definition models

The European Environment Bureau (EEB) is warning shoppers on Black Friday (November 27th) that while some 4K TVs may appear a bargain, it could lock them into higher electricity bills over the long term.

EEB spokesman Jack Hunter says: "TVs were already the energy hog among entertainment gadgets. Now bargain hunters need to keep an even closer eye on energy costs, not just price tags. It's clear some UHD models perform far better than others."

The NRDC report says Ultra HD 4K TVs "could add $1bn to viewers' annual electricity bills".

Among the TVs tested, the NRDC found wide discrepancies with "some sets consuming more than 2.5 times as much as others with the same screen size". Overall, says the report, "we conclude that today's average 4K TV uses approximately 30 per cent more energy than an equal-size HDTV".

You can read the full NRDC report here.

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Andy Clough

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