Ultimate Guide to High-End Entertainment 2009
The Ultimate Guide to High-End Entertainment, published by What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, is in the shops now

Whether you're all set to splash your savings or simply compiling your lottery-win wish-list, make sure you don't miss the Ultimate Guide To High-End Entertainment 2009.

On sale now, it features more than 180 reviews of the world's finest hi-fi and home cinema products, plus tests of the best big-screen front projectors, televisions, digital media players and all-in-one systems.

If you want a flavour of what's inside, check out the review of the amazing Anthem Statement D2v/P5 home cinema processor and power amp.

We also check out all the key accessories you'll need to enjoy the best sound and vision possible, including high-quality furniture, cables and headphones.

And we've got a fabulous competition in which you can win a £12,000 Plinius/Monitor Audio hi-fi system.Want more? Well, we explore the value and quality of high-end products by interviewing key figures in the hi-fi industry to get their views, and we've also found time to talk to the car industry about the increasing importance of quality sound on the road.

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You can read Ultimate Guides editor Andy Kerr's views on the state of the in-car audio art in our blogs section.

The What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Ultimate Guide to High-End Entertainment 2009 is £4.99 – you can find it at Asda, Borders, Sainsburys and WH Smith. Or subscribe online.