A pair of bookshelf or standmount speakers will perform at their best when mounted on a suitable pair of speaker stands. Here are the best for every budget.

A decent set of speaker stands will help minimise vibrations caused by the speakers' sound output. Vibrations can colour the sound, but these rigid, non-resonating stands will neutralise them, minimising distortion.

We've split them up by price bracket, so no matter how much you've got to spend, these will ensure your speakers perform to the best of their ability.

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Under £100

Soundstyle Z2

Reviewed on 12th September 2006 at

If you're looking for a bargain, look no further. The Z2s help give your speakers far more detail, attack and openness, and all for less than a ton.

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Under £150

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Under £200
Under £300

Quadraspire QV60

Reviewed on 24th June 2010 at

They might look a little... different, but they're basically just two sculpted pieces of wood held together by a couple of pins. But don't let this simple design put you off.

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