If you own bookshelf or standmount speakers, then mount them on a decent pair of speaker stands to ensure they perform at their best.

Why? Isolating your speakers with rigid, non-resonating stands will minimise vibrations, which can colour the sound.

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Atacama Moseco 6

Reviewed on 14th August 2014 at

We’re impressed with how weighty and dynamic these stands make our speakers sound. The Atacamas work well with a variety of speakers, and not just budget models - despite their relatively modest price. Easily one of the best-value stands we’ve come across.

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Quadraspire QV60

Reviewed on 24th June 2010 at

They look a little different but they're fundamentally two sculpted pieces of wood held together by a couple of sturdy pins. And it works. The sound they facilitate is crisp, fast, attacking and detailed. Provided you like the design, these are a fine choice.

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