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These steely supports are decent and allow your kit to sound fast and agile, but you could do better
Snappy, agile delivery
Not enough detail, weight or punch
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The FS103s can be best described as a ‘lite’ version of the Award-winning Signature FS104 stands from Custom Design.


The FS103s lend a snappy and agile presentation to speakers

When mounted on these stands, our reference ATC SCM 11s deliver more zing to the treble than oomph to the bass – Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP is delivered with a snappy and light-footed rhythm, but there’s not enough weight and punch to fully flesh out his angry vocals and we’d like a more solid sound overall.

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Make sure you fill the central column for increased stability – two bags of inert filler (£5 per bag) is recommended

Loading the stand with inert filler helps add a touch more substance to the ATC’s sound, as well as giving the tripod design (which can feel a bit unsteady) more stability.

Tip: take the stands outside when filling them so the sand doesn’t spill over in your living room. You can buy the FS103’s satellite poles in black, white, chrome or brushed-chrome finishes, while the central column comes in black only.


While the all-metal construction looks good to our eyes, rivals provide a better option for overall performance

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Atacama Moseco 6

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