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An elegant pair of stands that allow your system to sound its very best
Great performance with plenty of subtlety and punchy rhythm
Excellent build and finish
Price might put some off
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£200 for a pair of speaker stands? When they help our kit sound this good, we don’t mind.


Make sure you use Blu-tack blobs to keep your speakers firmly in place

These stands may have been designed specifically for the Q Acoustics Concept 20 speakers, but the clever construction – a layer of compliant compound in the metal top plate that helps dampen unwanted resonances by turning them into heat energy – makes them superb supports for all types of speakers.

They look classy: the high-gloss finish (in black or white) and elegant glass brackets with shiny floor spikes will appeal to the house-proud.

The stands have cable management at the back, too. But what really seals the deal for us is how they allow our ATC SCM 11s soar with superb detail, subtle dynamics and a cohesive and musical rhythm.

Compared with rivals, these stands allow our demanding reference system to sing with bite, punch, and grace – all in equal measure.

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If you want your hi-fi set-up performing its best (and can spare the cash), these Q Acoustics stands are just the ticket.

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