This Award-winning surround sound speaker package is a Prime Day bargain – as long as you don't buy it on Amazon

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Amazon Prime Day rarely brings up bargains for surround sound speaker packages and this 2024 sales event is certainly looking like a similar affair. It's usually the dedicated hi-fi and AV retailers that pick up the slack here, and Peter Tyson is the hero in question who's delivering a worthy deal.

The Wharfedale DX-2 5.1 is a compact, Award-winning speaker system that delivers a big sound despite its small footprint. We originally reviewed it at £449, and while that price has dropped since its successor, the DX-3 HCP, launched last year, this deal is still very much worth looking at if you're after an unobtrusive speaker system that doesn't break the bank. 

It can be yours for just £279 on Peter Tyson currently; yes a full 5.1 surround sound system is really that cheap. Comparatively, Amazon has it for £299, which isn't a massive disparity in price admittedly, but that extra £20 could go towards snacks and a film for your next movie night. Just remember to sign up for Peter Tyson's free PT VIP membership to access the full savings. 

Wharfedale DX-2 speaker package £449 £279 at Peter Tyson (save £170)
Available in black or white 

Wharfedale DX-2 speaker package £449 £279 at Peter Tyson (save £170)
Why wait for Prime Day when there are already some impressive deals out there? Get your hands on the Award-winning Wharfedale DX-2 surround speaker package for less than ever and take your home cinema experience to the next level.
Available in
black or white 

The DX-2 system was designed for smaller rooms but still managed to cope well when being put through its paces in our large AV test room. There’s plenty of detail to its sound and it handles dynamic shifts with ease, which is an impressive feat for a small and affordable surround package.

The DX-2 speakers are well-integrated with the rest of the system and provide an excellent experience as surround effects ping around the room. The satellite speakers are just 19cm tall, which should be small enough to fit in most spots around your seat.

Each satellite has a 19mm silk dome tweeter and a 7.5cm mid/bass driver, while the centre channel speaker uses two mid/bass drivers to flank the tweeter. The satellites are all closed-box designs (there’s no bass reflex port) meaning it is easier to place them closer to walls without adversely affecting sound quality.

The WH-D8 active subwoofer completes the set and features a forward-firing 20cm long-throw driver powered by a 70W amplifier. It's around 300mm cubed so it should be compact enough to be easily integrated into your space.

We were very impressed with how much Wharfedale managed to bundle into the DX-2 package, particularly the entertaining performance, the compact-yet-stylish build and the appealing price tag – now just £279 at Peter Tyson


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