The LG C3 OLED TV is the cheapest it's ever been for Prime Day – don't miss out!

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LG's C-series OLED TVs are exceptionally popular for their near-perfect combination of performance, features and price, and while last year's C3 models initially suffered by being a bit too expensive, they can be bought for very little this Prime Day.

The best deals are on the 48-inch and 55-inch models: right now you can pick up the 48-inch LG C3 for just £799 at Hughes Direct, while the 55-inch model is just £899 at Amazon.

Those are exceptional deals on TVs that launched for £1600 and £2100 respectively.

Before you buy, though, it is worth taking a look at this deal on the newer LG C4. It isn't much more expensive and, personally, I would pay the extra – the C3 is great, but the C4 is even better.

Best Prime Day LG C3 OLED TV deals

LG OLED48C3 2023 OLED TV was £1599 now £799 at Hughes (save £779)What Hi-Fi? Award winner

LG OLED48C3 2023 OLED TV was £1599 now £799 at Hughes (save £779)
Like its 42-inch sibling, the 48-inch LG C3 is a brilliant combination of performance, features and price. The picture is thrilling but authentic, it boasts every gaming feature you could possibly need and it has an app-packed, user-friendly operating system.
What Hi-Fi? Award winner

LG OLED55C3 2023 OLED TV was £2099 now £899 at Amazon (save £1200)Read our full LG C3 review

LG OLED55C3 2023 OLED TV was £2099 now £899 at Amazon (save £1200)
The C3 isn't much of an improvement on the C2 it replaced and, on balance, the Sony A80L is a better TV. That said, this is still an excellent OLED and there's no better-specified TV for gaming. At this price, it's very tempting indeed.
Read our full LG C3 review

While we haven't officially tested the 55-inch LG C3, we've had so much time with the rest of the range to be able to make a strong assessment regarding the C3 line as a whole. Overall, we've been deeply impressed (you don't nab two What Hi-Fi? Awards for no reason) with the performance of the South Korean brand's stellar series. 

For all this talk of a homogenised range, do note that the 48-inch C3 differs in design from the 42-inch and 65-inch iterations offering the same 47cm-wide pedestal stand as the larger models as opposed to some desktop-friendly feet. It's also got a thicker chassis than the 65-inch model, with a decent section covered in a more substantial plastic casework than its larger cousin. 

Both TVs, no matter their respective sizes, are well-furnished with features. The LG OLED48C3 and OLED55C3's four HDMI sockets are 48Gbps 2.1 ports that support 4K/120HzVRR and ALLM, with Dolby Vision gaming and excellent HGiG settings all onboard. Both come equipped with an optical output, and both run on the app-packed webOS 23 operating system common to almost all current LG models. 

Packed into each unit is the Alpha 9 Gen 6 processor, handling clever features such as noise-reducing AI Upscaling Pro, OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro for optimising HDR delivery of 20,000 individual zones in each image, foreground-sharpening Object Enhancer and HDR Expression Enhancer, the last of which applies specific tone mapping to those foreground elements for a bit more three-dimensionality.

All of this results in a pair of TVs that are worthy of the LG brand. We were enamoured with the OLED48C3's bold and punchy presentation, bringing out the pizzazz and shine of, say, a gold Lamborghini supercar while dialling it back to let skin tones and more natural textures feel more organic and less in-your-face. Crispness and clarity abound, while contrast levels are nothing short of awesome – as we wrote at the time, "the inky blacks of the C3’s bold approach make for an image that’s packed with punch". If that sounds appealing, note that the 55-inch version will go a little bit brighter than the 48-inch model, so you should get even more visual dazzle if you're willing to go bigger and spend a touch more cash.

Whichever TV you pick, we're confident in recommending either version of the C3, even at full price. This Amazon deal only sweetens the deal, and if you're in the market for a TV this summer to enjoy the Olympics on, this deadly duo are both gold medal contenders.  


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