Sony Bravia
Sony has increased the guarantee on all its Bravia TVs from 26in upwards to three years, starting from April 1st

From today, April 1st, Sony is extending the guarantee on its Bravia TVs from 26in upwards to three years. The offer applies to new sets bought from today and runs until September 30th, 2009.

The extended guarantee offer will feature as part of Sony's new 'Bravia drome' advertising campaign, which kicks off on April 6th with a TV commercial starring AC Milan's Kaka.

"This new offer is a very strong message to demonstrate the reliability and longevity of Bravia LCD televisions," says Andy Benson, commercial director, Sony UK.

Here's a full list of all Sony TVs qualifying for the new three-year guarantee:

26in BRAVIA LCD TELEVISION KDL26E4000U, KDL26E4020U, KDL26E4030U, KDL26E4050U, KDL26L4000U, KDL26S4000U, KDL26S5500U, KDL26V4000U, KDL26V4500U  32in BRAVIA LCD TELEVISION KDL32E4000U, KDL32E4020U, KDL32E4030U, KDL32E4050U, KDL32E5500U, KDL32E5510U, KDL32E5520U, KDL32L4000U, KDL32S4000U, KDL32S5500U, KDL32U4000U, KDL32V4000U, KDL32V4200U, KDL32V4210U, KDL32V4500U, KDL32V5500U, KDL32W4000U, KDL32W5500U, KDL32W5710U  37in BRAVIA LCD TELEVISION KDL37U4000U, KDL37V4000U, KDL37V4500U, KDL37V5500, KDL37S5500U, KDL37W5500U, KDL37W5710U  40in BRAVIA LCD TELEVISION KDL40E4000U, KDL40E4020U, KDL40E4030U, KDL40E4050U, KDL40E5500U, KDL40E5510U KDL40E5520U, KDL40EX1BU,  KDL40L4000U, KDL40S4000U, KDL40S5500U, KDL40V4000U, KDL40V5500U, KDL40WE5BU, KDL40WE5WU, KDL40W4000U, KDL40W4500U, KDL40W4710AEP, KDL40W5500U, KDL40W5710U, KDL40Z4500U, KDL40ZX1U, KDL40W4720AEP, KDL40W4730AEP, KDL40X3000U, KDL40X3500AEP, KDL40X3500U  46in BRAVIA LCD TELEVISION KDL46EX1BU, KDL46V4000U, KDL46V5500U, KDL46WE5WU, KDL46WE5BU, KDL46W4000U, KDL46W4500U, KDL46W4710AEP, KDL46W5500U, KDL46W5710U, KDL46X4500U, KDL46Z4500U, KDL46X3000U, KDL46X3500AEP, KDL46X3500U  52in BRAVIA LCD TELEVISION KDL52EX1BU, KDL52V4000U, KDL52V5500U, KDL52W4000U, KDL52W4500U, KDL52W5500U, KDL52Z4500U, KDL52X3500U  55in BRAVIA LCD TELEVISION KDL55X4500U

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