Sharp confirms giant LE857K 70in and 80in TVs

Sharp has confirmed the release of two super-size flagship LED TVs in the UK, the 70in LC-70LE857K and the 80in LC-80LE857K.

First revealed at CES in January, the Sharp TVs are set for a UK release this summer. There is no word on UK prices as yet but having been announced as $3999 and $6499 respectively in the US, has been told a whopping €5000 and €8000.

Sharp is no stranger to super-size TVs, releasing the LC-70LE741E last year and the 60in Sharp 4K TV, the LC60HQ10, earlier this year. There's no mention of 4K Ultra HD with these new TVs, however.

Instead, the LE857K series focuses on Quattron 3D, 800 Hz Active motion processing technology and the inclusion of the latest AQUOS Net+ Smart TV hub.

There's also a new Sharp remote control app, the AQUOS Remote Lite, due for Android and iOS devices later this month. The app promises to allow you to change channels, play and rewind TV, control volume, record TV shows and more.

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If you're worried about such a massive TV dominating your living room, then Wallpaper mode, which turns the TV in to a giant photo frame for images of your choice when the TV is in standby, might placate you a smidgeon.

The latest generation of Sharp Quattron 3D picture technology, which uses a fourth yellow subpixel alongside traditional RGB, promises more natural colour presentation, better overall pictures and more efficient use of power.

Nevertheless, active-shutter 3D glasses are billed as optional extras, which seems a little bit tight on Sharp's part in our humble opinion. A camera for enabling Skype calls is also an option.

The Sharp LC-70LE857K and LC-80LE857K LED TVs are due for release in the UK this summer.

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