The R4 IMS (Integrated Music System) has received numerous updates and improvements over the previous R4, including the company's RotoDial controller and aptX Bluetooth.

The system also features a multi-format CD player, USB playback, DAB/DAB+/FM tuners and auxiliary inputs for other sources. Sound is delivered through a 2.1 channel system with integrated subwoofer.

Ruark Audio says this MK3 version of the original R4 has been “meticulously re-engineered form the ground up”, including a smaller size. Also new is an OLED display on the front, and Ruark’s RotoDial controller on top for managing functions. An infra-red remote control is also supplied.

Under the hood, the slot loading CD mechanism has been improved to be quicker and provide CD text information from compatible discs. 

The rear-mounted USB port can playback MP3, AAC and WMA files and doubles up as a charging port, while a TV can be connected to the system via an optical input.

Owners of the outgoing R4i will note the iPod dock has been removed.

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Available in August, the Ruark Audio R4 IMS costs £650 and is avaialble in a Soft White or Soft Black lacquer and a Rich Walnut veneer.

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After months of narrowing

After months of narrowing down my choice of systems & going round leading specialists in HIFI stores. I  bought the Ruark R4 MK3, I was looking to get the best out of my Sony W905A TV audio, and the R4 really delivers in this area. When i listen to Dab radio i'm always impressed with the rich sound that oozes from the R4. I love the build & design quality, the RotoDial is fun to use. I think the CD slot is cool and the load time is fast. i'm very happy with my product.