Roth's wi-fi dock unleashes your iPod or iPhone


All you have to do is pop your iPhone or iPod into the dock and place it somewhere convenient. Next, just plug the receiver base into your hi-fi and you're ready to go. The unit is supplied with its own remote control, so searching for tracks is a doddle.

The RothDock and receiver can sit up to 10 metres apart and still communicate with each other.

Existing owners of suitably equipped speaker docks can also enjoy the RothDock's wire-free ways – all you need is a system that houses a 3.5mm stereo jack or twin RCA inputs.

And you won't miss a call if listening to your music: when the phone rings, the music fades and you'll hear the ringtone through the hi-fi system.

As well as charging your iPod or iPhone, the RothDock will also work with non-Apple MP3 players and phones which can be connected using the supplied 3.5mm lead.

The RothDock is compatible with all iPods with 30-pin connectors and 2G and 3G iPhones. It goes on sale in December.