California-based audio firm Plantronics has expanded its BackBeat stereo product range with the launch of its new BackBeat Pro wireless, active noise-cancelling headphones.

The new over-the-ear cans are already available to buy in the US, but are expected to be rolled out globally in October. We do, however, have a UK price tag confirmed at £250.

According to Plantronics, the BackBeat Pro can deliver up to 24 hours of playback from a single charge, with a 3.5mm cable also provided to serve as a backup power option.

If used alone, the active noise-cancellation is claimed to eliminate background sounds for up to 60 hours, with its dual-mic solution drawing in background sound and eliminating it.

However, there's also an adjustable OpenMic feature that will let you hear what's going on around you, "pushing the music to the background" and amplifying sounds from around you.

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The cans pack in 40mm dynamic drivers and Plantronics signature audio technologies, while Bluetooth lets you stream your music from a device that's located up to 100m away.

NFC pairing is also on board for use with Android devices, while the fold-flat earcups and nylon travel sleeve are designed to ensure the BackBeat Pro are comfortable and portable.

Plantronics category director for mobile entertainment solutions Greg Miller said: "People want to enjoy their music anytime, anywhere, without having to compromise. That’s why we created BackBeat PRO.

"We designed BackBeat PRO to eliminate distractions with active noise-cancellation, and Bluetooth wireless and ridiculously long battery life melt away the frustrations of limited charge and a tangled mess of cords."

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Headphone Hunter's picture

Aaargggghhh Bose QC15's vs Back Beat Pro's

Hi What HiFI

I am very frustrated I am trying (and have been trying for a long time) to find a pair of headphones that basically have the noise cancelling abilities of the Bose QC15's or better that also offer Bluetooth and a good battery life along with the ability to pick up phone calls

Question: I know its only been a little over a week since these Back Beat Pro's have been released ,but are they as good as or better than the Bose QC15's.  Right now I own a pair of QC15's but obviously they are not wireless which is what I am trying to get. I also own a pair of Sony MDR1RBT's which are Wireless but not noise cancelling but offer the best compromise between offering wireless and blue tooth technology but without the noise cancelling. Having paid £300+ for them I am less than impressed.