PCTV nanoStick Ultimate
Not content with turning your PC or Mac in to a TV with PVR functionality, Pinnacle's nanoStick Ultimate can also stream content to up to three PCs across a wireless network

Pinnacle is the master when it comes to delivering TV to your PC and now it has added an extra level of functionality to its USB digital TV tuners.

The PCTV nanoStick Ultimate brings digital TV to your PC or Mac, offers PVR functionality – pause, rewind and record programmes – and now allows PC users to stream the TV signal to as many as three PCs on a home network.

As part of the package, and enabling this functionality, you'll receive Pinnacle's TVCenter Pro, DistanTV and VideoSpin software packages. For Mac users there's the latest Elgato EyeTV Lite software.

Coming complete with a mini remote control, Pinnacle's nanoStick Ultimate is available on the 8th October and should sell for around £50.