Pick up a Nebula portable projector in the Prime Day sales

Pick up a Nebula portable projector in the Prime Day sales
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The Anker Nebula brand is the one to go for in the mini portable projector world at the moment, and now is the time to get one with big discounts on the Nebula Mars and Capsule devices in the Amazon Prime Day sales.

The Nebula Mars II Pro has 26 percent off for the rest of the day. It's the highest spec of the Nebula minis with its 720p resolution and 30-150in, 500 lumens picture.

It includes dual 10W speakers and an Android 7.1 OS for app access. For anything missing services you can use Miracast or add a media streamer to its HDMI port. With its three-hour battery life, it's a great outdoor option.

Nebula Mars II Pro 720p projector £570 £420 at Amazon

<a href="https://target.georiot.com/Proxy.ashx?tsid=40397&GR_URL=https%3A%2F%2Famazon.co.uk%2FNebula-Anker-Lumen-Portable-Projector-Black%2Fdp%2FB07WC1GCP3%3Ftag%3Dhawk-future-21%26ascsubtag%3Dhawk-custom-tracking-21" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"">Nebula Mars II Pro 720p projector £570 £420 at Amazon
The three-hour battery life and app connectivity of this little projector make it a superb portable for impromptu movie nights. With 500 lumens of brightness and a maximum screen size of 150 inches, it leaves no one in the dark.

There is also a Nebula Mars II model, not the Pro, but it's not as bright and currently not on offer either.

As for the smaller Nebula Capsule, that's even more confusing. There are three models to consider and all of them have excellent discounts in the Prime Day sales. The cheapest is the standard 848x480px Nebula Capsule which is currently at available for just £240.

To move up to 720p in that small, drinks can form factor, you'll want the Nebula Capsule Max. You'll get 200 lumens of brightness at up to a 100in size with an Android 8.1 OS. That's just £370 for today.

For us, though, it feels worth paying the extra for the Android 9.0 OS installed on the 720p Nebula Capsule II. It has more apps built-in without having to worry about mirroring from your device. It al'sso Chromecast-enabled just in case.

Nebula Capsule II projector £550 £400 at Amazon

<a href="https://target.georiot.com/Proxy.ashx?tsid=40397&GR_URL=https%3A%2F%2Famazon.co.uk%2FMultimedia-Projector-Speakers-Horizontal-Keystoning%2Fdp%2FB07NPJF8BZ%3Ftag%3Dhawk-future-21%26ascsubtag%3Dhawk-custom-tracking-21" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"">Nebula Capsule II projector £550 £400 at Amazon
This soda can-sized 720p projector has access to more than 5,000 apps through Android TV and is also Chromecast-enabled for streaming straight from a mobile device. It has a built-in speaker and offers 2.5 hours of playback on a single charge.

If that all sounds like too much, then try the baby of the family, Nebula Apollo. It's still smart, despite its 854x480px resolution, but you are back down to Android 7.1 without the same breadth of native app support as the Capsule II. It has a 6W speaker and a four-hour battery life and costs £350.


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