Philips Essence super-slim 42in LCD TV goes on sale for £1999

Philips Essence TV

It's just 3.8cm deep and weighs a mere 16Kg, so is ideal for wall mounting. The screen is Full HD, 1080p resolution and uses Philips' latest Perfect Pixel HD engine.

The TV has a separate connectivity hub, which performs all the image processing and can be housed up to four metres from the screen. A single cable connects the hub to the screen.

A "smart levelling" bracket is supplied with the TV which is designed to make it easy to hang on the wall, even if the wall bracket isn't quite straight.

Perfect Natural Motion technology, coupled with 100Hz Clear LCD picture processing and a 2ms response time, reduces judder and blur, says Philips.

Sound is handled by an ultra-thin detachable soundbar mounted below the screen.