Panasonic SC-HC35
All models have built-in iPod/iPhone docks, direct digital connection between portable and player, and two have Bluetooth

Panasonic is bringing five compact stereo system models to Europe. The 2011 models have a slimmer and flatter design than last year's designs, and are wall-mountable.

The full range comprises: SC-HC55 (£249), SC-HC35 (£199), SC-HC25 (£149), SC-HC15 (£99), SC-HC05 (£tbc).

A stainless speaker mesh on the SC-HC35/HC05 and a mirror coating mesh on the SC- HC55 allow the speaker units to be partially visible.

The SC-HC55 features a touch-free sensor door, with a motion sensor enabling the sliding door to open and close by simply passing a hand over it.

A universal dock for iPod/iPhone built into the centre of the SC-HC05 opens outward with the push-open button, while remaining concealed inside when not in use.

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The iPod/iPhone docks on all five models use a direct digital connection between the portable player and the hi-fi system, allowing the latter to do the digital-to-analogue conversion for better sound quality.

And if you want wireless connectivity, the SC-HC55/05 has built-in Bluetooth capability.

For a full breakdown of Panasonic's entire 2011 range, see our blog

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