NEWS: Watch and record Freeview TV with a Humax flatscreen

Humax's latest two LCD TVs now feature Freeview Playback-certified PVRs (personal video recorders).

The 32in Humax LP32-TDR1 and 40in LP40-TDR1 both include 160GB hard drives and twin Freeview tuners, offering 80 hours of digital TV recording without the need for a separate set-top box.

The recently announced Freeview Playback standard promises viewers a range of features, including schedule tracking and auto-buffering for accurate recording and to ensure any schedule changes caused by breaking news items or over-running shows are not missed.

Live pause and instant rewind give viewers additional control over what they are watching, so if the phone rings during a film or someone talks over a crucial scene, one press of the remote can freeze or rewind the action.

Graham North, UK Commercial Director for Humax, said: “A TV with integrated digital recorder is a great way for consumers to get all the functionality for watching and recording TV, without needing a whole host of additional boxes . The Freeview Playback badge gives consumers added confidence that they are getting a product that will allow them to get the most out of Freeview.”

The two Humax sets also include a CI slot, so viewers can upgrade to Pay TV services such as Setanta Sports.

The LP32-TDR1 will cost around £700, the LP40-TDR1 around £1000. More information on both models at the Humax website.

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