NEWS: Take control of your home with the Opus Technologies video keypad

Not all of us can afford custom-installed home entertainment systems, but for the lucky few who can, Opus Technologies has developed this customisable touch-screen keypad.

It's designed to control the Opus 500 multiroom entertainment system and a number of third-party lighting and other smart home products, such as heating, door entry and window blinds.

The WCU600 costs £575 and can display video from DVD, TV and CCTV systems as well as the on-screen menus of audio/video servers, iPod docks and other systems.

The screen can apparently display a staggering 16 million colours and can be customised by connecting a laptop to the USB port hidden under the faceplate.

Proprietary Opus software enables icons, colours and other features to be tailored to the user's home. Changes to volume, bass, treble and balance can be made by accessing the on-screen menu, and a special 'party mode' allows the user to adjust the same music or video source across the home.

Video playback allows the user to cue up DVDs, browse an iPod or music servers on the screen and view CCTV feeds.

It all sounds very James Bond, but until we win the Lottery, we'll stick with good old-fashioned remote controls. And losing them down the back of the sofa.

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Andy Clough

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