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NEWS: See the latest 2008 Ambilight flatscreen TVs from Philips

Technology, don't you love it? Last week we despatched our news editor, Joe Cox, to Lisbon to report on Philips's 2008 line-up of flatscreen TVs.

Joe did a splendid job, as you can read here, but unfortunately had problems with the picture disc Philips supplied and couldn't post any images with his story.

However, we promised you some pictures, so here they are.

First up is the flagship 42PFL9900 Aurea (below), with Ambilight light effects on four sides of the screen, and on the frame itself. Lovely, isn't it?

If all that extra lighting sounds too much for you, then the 42in Philips 7400 (middle) has single Ambilight strips down each side, a slimmer frame and glossy black finish.

And then there's the Philips 42PFL9703D (bottom), a 42in beauty which offers three sides of Ambilight Spectra. It's also available in 47 and 52in sizes.

We're already hassling Philips for review samples, so as soon as we get 'em and test 'em, we'll let you know.

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