NEWS: Philips announces prices for 9600 Series

We covered the Philips 9600 Ambilight Series earlier in the year, directly from the launch in Lisbon, but now we have more details and those all important prices.

Scheduled for release in June, the range starts with the Philips 32PFL9603D, which will retail at £999, and goes up in size and price to a 47PFL9603D, at £1999. There will be 37 and 42in models, too.

These Philips screens are the first TVs to use the latest version of the company's Perfect Pixel HD engine. Doubling the processing power, Philips claims a 500 million pixels per second processing speed.

The screens have 100 Hz Clear LCD technology on board and boast a claimed 2ms response time, which aims to remove any sign of motion blur.

And these aren't the only coffee-spluttering figures – Philips also claims a colour palette consisting of a mind-boggling 2.250 trillion colours and a dynamic contrast of 30,000:1.

There are four HDMI 1.3a inputs on all the sets, allowing for 1080p/24fps video images, and of course digital Freeview tuners.

Philips' famous ambilight technology is here, with these sets using the latest version – Ambilight Spectra – on two sides of the screen. The sets have also had a fresh design overhaul, as you'll see in the images.

So, due out in June, let's run down those prices again. The 32PFL9603D will set you back around £999, the 37in 37PFL9603D should cost around £1499, Philips' 42PFL9603D will be £1799 and the 47PFL9603D will be £1999.

We'll look to have a review of one of the above models just as soon as we can...

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