NEWS: Krell's £1350 iPod dock - we KID you not!

This is Krell's KID – or Krell Interface Dock –, claimed to be "the first device to perfect the interface between the music stored on an iPod and a high-quality hi-fi system."

It's now available in the UK from distributor Absolute Sounds, priced at £1350.

In Krell's words, here's what it does: "First, the KID’s custom-made, self-locating cradle holds the iPod device. Then, the balanced differential signal from the internal DAC is opto-isolated between the device and the 255-step custom-taper volume control, ensuring the lowest possible noise or interference.

"The top-quality, digitally controlled analogue bass and treble controls allow custom-equalisation of the source material, helping to level out any sonic inconsistencies between the tracks stored on an iPod.

"Balanced differential Class A circuitry is maintained throughout the signal path and fed to the balanced (XLR) and single-ended (RCA phono) outputs."

If you want to use it without a complete Krell system, enter stage left, and sometime in April, the matching Papa Dock, a 2x170w power amp. It's yours for £2790.

Distributor Absolute Sounds is also packaging the KID with a pair of Martin Logan Purity floorstanding speakers to create the ElectroKID system (left), yours for £3740.

The Purity speakers, which use electrostatic panels, have their own 200w amps built-in.

That means they can be connected directly to the preamp output of the KID to create what the company is calling 'the world's best iPod system'.

And if you want to know how Krell's new KID on the dock sounds, watch this space - a review sample is on the way...

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