Monster CleanTouch
Kit includes slimline bottle of cleaning formula and antibacterial cloth, to keep dirt and fingerprints off iPads, iPhones and all kinds of touchscreens

New from Monster is a cleaning system designed not only to remove fingerprints and other dirt from iPads, iPhones and similar touchscreen devices, but also remove bacteria and leave a surface more resistance to marks.

The Monster CleanTouch iPad Cleaning System combines a slimline bottle of a special cleaning formula and an impregnated antimicrobial cleaning cloth, stored in a travel pouch designed to take up minimal space in laptop bags and the like.

The system cleans and polishes the screen, leaving a finish to which fingerprints and other dirt are less likely to adhere, and also removes the kind of germs likely to build up on devices used in the hands and close to the face, and often stored in warm, dark pockets.

The solution is ammonia- and alcohol-free, so it won't damage finishes, and the pack is available now at £14.95

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