Monolith's new Audition range of budget home cinema speakers starts at just $100

Monolith Audition range
(Image credit: Monolith)

Monolith has unveiled its new Audition series of home cinema speakers, including two bookshelf models, two floorstanders and two centre channel options, with prices starting at just $100.

The most expensive product in this affordable line-up is the Audition T5 tower speaker at $250 (around £225 / AU$400) each, with two 5.25-inch ported woofers and a 5.25-inch midrange driver. Meanwhile, the Audition T4 tower speaker costs $200 (around £180 / AU$320) each and packs two 4-inch ported woofers and a 4-inch midrange driver. Both models have a three-way design with a nominal impedance of 4 ohms and feature an inset 20mm silk dome tweeter with an optimised waveguide. 

Monolith Audition range T5

(Image credit: Monolith)

Ideal for smaller rooms or surrounds, the two-way Audition B5 bookshelf speaker costs $125 (around £112 / AU$200) each and sports a 5.25-inch woofer with a rear-facing port and the same tweeter as the floorstanding models. Meanwhile, the B4 bookshelf speaker has a similar design but with a smaller 4-inch woofer and is priced at $100 (around £90 / AU$160) per speaker.

Monolith Audition range B5

(Image credit: Monolith)

Rounding out the range is the Audition C5 centre channel speaker with dual 5.25-inch ported woofers and the C4 version with a pair of 4-inch ported woofers. Priced at $160 (around £144 / AU$285) and $130 (around £113 / AU$232), respectively, both feature a centre-mounted inset 20mm silk dome tweeter and have a two-way crossover design.

Monolith Audition range C5

(Image credit: Monolith)

The entire range has cabinets constructed from MDF with internal bracing and a black wood-grained PVC finish. At the rear of each model are spring-loaded 5-way wire terminals.

Describing the new line-up, Hobie Sechrest, Monolith business unit manager at Monoprice, said, “Our new Audition Series speakers bring extremely high quality sound to a new level of affordability.

“Engineered to exceed our strict standards for performance, these speakers deliver room-filling sound while producing an incredibly flat frequency response curve. As with all Monolith speakers, we packed them with premium components, exhaustively tuned them, and designed them to look great in any room.”

Currently only available in the US, the Audition range comes with a three-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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