Meze Audio's trio of new headphones includes affordable in-ears with USB-C adaptor

Meze Audio Alba in-ear wired headphones with A&K player
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Romanian headphone brand Meze Audio has unveiled a trio of headphone treats at High End Munich

First up is a pair of in-ear wired headphones called Alba, which not only comes with a 3.5mm to USB-C adaptor, but is also the most affordable headphone in Meze's line-up now, hovering around the £150/€150 mark (exact pricing is yet to be confirmed). Previously Meze has released the high-end Advar in-ears (£649/$699), while its most affordable cans until now have been the £189/$$199 99 Neo over-ears.

Recognising that Meze's headphones tend to be way beyond most customers' budgets (the flagship Empyrean II cost £2749/$2999), the Alba in-ears are designed to be a more accessible initial introduction to Meze, and are ideal for those who listen to music on the go, with a DAC or hi-res music players.

Hence the USB-C adaptor, which means you can connect the Alba to any music player with a USB-C connection, whether that's a digital audio player or your smartphone (like the iPhone 15). This custom-made adaptor has a built-in DAC that ensures high-quality immersive listening no matter what your source. We've asked for more details on the DAC and the sampling rates supported – we'll update this story once we have more information. 

Meze Audio Alba in-ear wired headphones

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The Alba in-ears promise "the unmistakable Meze sound: a neutral sound profile with an added touch of warmth", says founder and lead designer Antonio Meze. The Alba (which means "the first light" in Romanian) has a similar design to the Advar, but the shells of the cheaper in-ears have an iridescent colour finish reminiscent of pearl, while more cost-effective zinc alloy and anodized aluminium parts are used to offer a resilient yet still high-quality build for the price.

Meze Audio 105 AER on wooden desk

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Also revealed is a new pair of open-back over-ear headphones, called 105 AER. Designed for "those who would rather work from a garden than a cubicle," as founder Antonio Meze puts it, the new model aims to deliver "a more refined, airy and neutral sound signature" thanks to the open-back design. A spring steel headband covered in polyurethane leather material and plush ABS PC earpads are used, and Meze states the 105 AER are different from the existing 109 Pro in "all aspects" apart from the headband system. Additional details and pricing are TBC.

Meze Audio The White Empyrean headphones in white finish

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And finally, there is a striking new white finish alternative for the brand's flagship planar magnetic headphones. Called "The White Empyrean", this special white finish bucks the trend of Meze's usual moody, dark aesthetic for a lighter look. Don't get too excited though, this is a very limited edition model that can only be bought exclusively through the brand's official German distributor... 


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