Focal's nature-inspired headphones duo follow in the footsteps of the superb Bathys

Focal Azurys
(Image credit: Focal)

French audio brand Focal will be unveiling two new pairs of premium headphones at the High End Munich 2024 show this week. Promising to make the "purity of high fidelity sound accessible to as many people as possible", the new open-backed Hadenys are arriving alongside the closed-back Azurys as Focal looks to build on the momentum generated by the likes of the superb Bathys and Utopia models. 

Both pairs of wired headphones feature the same 40mm aluminium and magnesium drivers as found in the five-star Bathys wireless headphones. Sporting a specially designed ‘M’-shaped dome (also seen in Focal's speakers), the drivers have been adjusted to fit both new pairs with the aim of delivering a "detailed, warm and dynamic high-fidelity sound".

Designed for home use, the open-backed Hadenys sport Focal's signature exterior honeycomb grilles, with a leather and woven fabric headband working alongside memory foam earpads for increased comfort and lightness. Inspired by "The Hadean", which Focal informs us is the age in which the Earth was first formed, the cans' brown finish "embodies a return to roots, poised between power and minerality". 

Focal Hadenys

The Focal Hadenys are wired, open-backed headphones with a luxury design and premium price tag. (Image credit: Focal)

If you're a fan of open-backed cans or you're not sold on the idea of brown headphones, perhaps the Azurys will be more up your street. Daubed in a rather attractive light blue hue, the closed-back Azurys are aimed at both audiophiles and casual listeners, again sporting that bold honeycomb grille and leather/fabric headband. 

The Hadenys come with a carry case, as well as a 1.8m mini-jack cable and a 6.3mm jack adapter, while the Azurys are also furnished with their own bespoke carry case, as well as a 1.25m mini-jack cable sporting an in-line remote control and a built-in microphone. 

Both pairs are set to debut at this year's High End Munich audio showcase, and with many of our What Hi-Fi? editorial team heading over to Germany to experience the action, we'll be aiming to get some hands-on time with Focal's latest headphone hopefuls.

The open-backed Focal Hadenys will cost £599 / €699 / $699, while the closed-back Focal Azurys are yours for £499 / €549 / $549 – both models will go on sale in June 2024.


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