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McIntosh adds Roon Tested support to digital amplifiers

McIntosh adds Roon Tested support to digital amplifiers

There's an update available for McIntosh users today, bringing the Roon music system to all the company's current digital preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers. 

An apparently much-requested feature, Roon is a way to organise, browse and play your music, bringing extra information such as writing credits, photos and lyrics to enhance the digital music experience. If you enjoy poring over liner notes, then Roon is something of a digital equivalent. 

The update also promises that Roon will recognise the device it's connected to and send "audio optimised for their capabilities". It remains to be seen if there's a sonic improvement as a result.

The Roon Tested badge means both McIntosh and Roon have checked and approved the compatibility on each product. The following McIntosh products have received the stamp of approval: the C47, C52, C2600 and D1100 preamplifiers; the MA5300, MA7200, MA8900 and MA9000 integrated amplifiers; the MAC7200 receiver; the MHA150 headphone amplifier and the MXA80 audio system.

Find out more and how to get started on the Roon Labs website.