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Scottish-based high-end audio manufacturer Linn has reported a 17 per cent increase in turnover in the most recent financial year, but its positive performance has not been at the expense of R&D.

The company reported turnover of £19.2m – up from £16.38m for the 12 months ending 30th June 2013 – and said sales had been enhanced by the launch of three new Exakt-equipped systems.

Net profit for the period stood at £1.8m, with R&D investment totalling £1.97m – a figure that's seen Linn further develop and roll out its Exakt technology, most recently seen in the Akudorik speaker.

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In a statement, Linn said its continued commitment to R&D and "further development of our people" had put the manufacturer in a "strong position to deliver our strategy for the years ahead".

Linn managing director Gilad Tiefenbrun said: "We are proud of what we have achieved and look forward to continuing to innovate, lead the market and deliver outstanding home music systems." 

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