LG has released a major software update on the C2 and G2 OLED TVs – here's how to get it

LG C3 (OLED48C3)
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LG has launched a key software upgrade to its 2022 OLED TVs, so if you've got a C2 or G2, then you might want to pay attention. You'll now be able to download webOS 2023 on your 2022 TV, which is a greatly appreciated gesture from the Korean tech conglomerate. 

So what does webOS 2023 have to offer? First and foremost it reorganises and redesigns the home menu, with a more stylish and streamlined interface. Instead of a cluster of widgets taking up the top third of the display, you'll now see a single sponsored content bar running across the top of the screen, with widgets running below to watch live TV, control your smart home, or access gaming features. 

You'll also notice five icons in the top right-hand corner which give you quick access to account options and settings, as well as accessing a search function and notifications. LG also completely does away with the 'Top Picks for You' row on this update, instead placing a greater emphasis on the app menu. 

Currently, this update is only available on the C2, CS and G2 OLED TVs, although LG has hinted that the Z2 8K OLED TV will also receive the update soon. There is no confirmation on whether the A2 or B2 will receive the same update, although two of LG's QNED models (the QNED99 and QNED95, both 8K Mini LED) are also receiving the upgrade.

So how do you update your TV to the latest firmware? You should automatically get a notification if your TV is connected to the internet and you have the 'auto update' setting applied. If you don't receive this notification, then simply click the settings button on your remote, scroll down to 'all settings', click 'support', then click 'software update' and within this menu, you should find a button that says 'check for update'. 


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  • Amadeus1756
    I have a 65" G2 and I've not got an update - I'm running firmware 04.40.93.
    On the LG site it looks like there are 2 models with different firmware variations - either 04.40.93 or 13.30.55.

    Does anyone know if this update will be for both models and indeed, what the difference is between the models?

    I downloaded the different versions of the firmware hoping there would be some release notes (there weren't) and the contents surprised me:

  • Amadeus1756
    Just came through yesterday - 13.30.55. Guess it was being rolled out.
    Seems nicer, tidier to me.
  • EmmaJD
    This upgrade has messed up the soundbar connectivity. I can’t get it to stay connected anymore. Suggestions?
  • Amadeus1756
    EmmaJD said:
    This upgrade has messed up the soundbar connectivity. I can’t get it to stay connected anymore. Suggestions?
    It didn't impact my Sonos ARC but a firmware update around Christmas time did. I had to remove it and re-add it and it has been fine.
    If you state what soundbar you have, others may be able to give more specific info.
  • R2D2
    G2 can now be had even cheaper at RS: