LG has announced pricing for its B4 OLED TV in the US – is it a better buy than the C4?

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LG's mid-range OLED TV has finally been given pricing in the US and, as expected, it's cheaper than the C4. This step-down from a step-down model trades a few features for a trimmed-down price tag, but is it a better buy than the five-star C4? 

The B4 comes in three sizes currently; 55-, 65- and 77 inches, although a 48-inch model was also revealed at the beginning of the year. That smaller model is a first for the B series, however, we're still awaiting availability for the compact OLED TV. Pricing for the LG B4 is as follows:

  • OLED55B4PUA: £1499 / $1699 / AU$2499
  • OLED65B4PUA: £2299 / $2199 / AU$3299
  • OLED77B4PUA: £3300 / $3399 / AU$TBC

Pricing for the B4 has already dropped in the UK, with some retailers offering the 55-inch model for as low as £999. Roughly £200 seems to have been chopped from the price of the B4 since its launch in the UK on LG's official website, with US and Australian pricing remaining firm for now. 

But how does this stack up to the C4? Much like the B4, this model has seen its price reduced in the UK already by around £200 for each size – but it's still a fair bit more expensive than the B4. Here's how the price of the B4 compares to the C4.

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LG B4 vs LG C4 pricing
Row 0 - Cell 0 LG B4 OLED LG C4 OLED
42-inchN/A£1300 / $1500 / AU$2199
48-inch£TBC / $TBC / AU$TBC£1400 / $1600 / AU$2499
55-inch£1499 / $1699 / AU$2499£1700 / $2000 / AU$3299
65-inch£2299 / $2199 / AU$3299£2500 / $2700 / AU$4299
77-inch£3300 / $3399 / AU$TBC£3500 / $3700 / AU$5999
83-inchN/A£5500 / $5400 / AU$7999

On average, there is about £200 between the price of the B4 and C4, meaning the gap between them isn't exceptionally wide, but still a consideration to prospective customers. In the US we're looking at a wider $400 gap on average, which could severely sway customers towards the cheaper model.

Considering that the B4 has had a significant upgrade in the features department this year, with four full bandwidth HDMI 2.1 sockets, that saving might well be worth it if gaming is your top priority. 

However, the C4 still features a few key upgrades over the B series OLED, including a brighter OLED Evo display and a more advanced Alpha 9 processor, compared to the B4's Alpha 8. The B4 also doesn't feature the maximum 144Hz refresh rate as the C4, meaning PC gamers may want to splash the additional cash. 

It's hard to deny that the B4 looks like a pretty good deal, even with the slightly lesser feature set on board. UK customers will likely be tempted by the low entry cost of £999, and we wouldn't blame US customers for saving $400. While it's too early to say how these TVs stack up side-by-side, we're eagerly awaiting the day that the LG B4 enters our testing room to see if it's truly the OLED bargain of the year. 


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    LG has revealed pricing for the LG B4 in the US, but how does it stack up the LG C4 and should you save the money?

    LG has announced pricing for its B4 OLED TV in the US – is it a better buy than the C4? : Read more
    I am confused by the LG B4 TV because there are some on Costco for like eg 55inches B4 £830 and 77 inches B4 for £1800. While also on Costco there are B46 OLED TVs at nearly double the price. What is going on? :unsure:
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    How bizarre?

    Can someone tell me the difference between B46 and B42? Both have same processor.

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