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Korea Communications Commission tells 3D viewers to take 5-15min breaks every hour, says most suffer discomfort after just 15 minutes' viewing

All set for the Christmas 3D TV extravaganza? If so, you should be prepared to take a break of up to 15 minutes every hour, and make sure you're sitting the right distance from the screen.

That's the finding of the Korea Communications Commission, which has just completed a study into the effects of 3D TV on viewers.

It says you should have a break of between five and fifteen minutes after every hour of viewing, and that the majority of viewers suffer vision discomfort after just 15min of viewing.

The findings are the result of a clinical study on 115 people between 18 and 55, and have also led to some recommendations about how to view 3D TV.

The KCC says you should watch at a distance of two to six times the vertical height of the display panel – so that means a maximum of just over 94in (2.4m) from a 32in screen, or 147in (3.73m) from a 50in TV – and that you should sit slightly off-centre.

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The committee behind the research includes industry experts, ophthalmologists, neurologists and psychologists, and the KCC says its guidelines are different from those in other countries, as they stem from clinical studies and medical opinion.

The Commission's Oh Nam-seok says that 'The guidelines are a meaningful milestone in the area that pertains to the safe viewing of 3-D content,' adding that 'The KCC plans to further improve the safety guidelines for viewing 3-D content in the future by expanding its studies.'

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